ASP.NET Tutorial

ASP.NET is a development framework used to build Web pages and Web site through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripts.

ASP.NET supports three development model:

Web Pages MVC Web Forms
Single-page model Model View Controller Event-driven model

Web Pages

The simplest model of ASP.NET.

Similar PHP and ASP.

Built-in templates and helper for databases, video, social media, and the like.


The MVC web application into three distinct components:

  • For the model data
  • For a realistic view
  • For the controller input

Web Forms

Traditional ASP.NET event-driven development model.

Added server controls, server events, and server code pages.

Course Web Pages

If you are new to ASP.NET programming, Web Pages is a very good starting point.

Web Pages is the simplest model to develop ASP.NET web development.

In our Web Pages tutorial, you will learn how to use Visual Basic and C # server marks the latest Razor syntax, the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server code combination.

You'll also learn how programmable Web Helpers extend the web pages, including databases, video, images, social networks and so on.

Now the Web Pages and the start learning the ASP.NET !

MVC Tutorial

MVC is a model to build web applications using MVC (Model View Controller) design.

If you need to respect the traditional ASP.NET lighter alternative, MVC is a good choice.

In our MVC tutorial, you will learn how to use lightweight development model to build web applications, and integrate all existing ASP.NET features, such as master pages (Master Pages), security (Security) and an authentication (authentication).

Start now to learn the MVC the ASP.NET !

Web Forms Tutorial

ASP.NET Web Forms is the traditional model based on event-driven Web Forms and post backs.

In the past few years, developers have been using ASP.NET Web Forms to create a global number of large sites.

If you want to design models that are used by many web developers in the past 10 years, this tutorial is a good choice.

Now the Web Forms start learning the ASP.NET !

Our tutorial is what customer service?

These tutorials for any person who want to build the site on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform, whether it is personal site, or modern business website.

Even if you are new to web programming, you still have the ability to learn these tutorials, but if you already know the basics of HTML and CSS better.

If you have a basic knowledge of scripting languages ​​(such as JavaScript and VB), also contribute to this tutorial.

You prefer VB or C #? At the same time you want to learn two languages? The good news is: w3my tutorial, most of the code example is the use of these two languages.

If you are a professional with rich experience in ASP.NET web developer, you will still be able to benefit, because these tutorials cover a large number of new ASP.NET concepts such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and so on.