ASP.NET MVC - Tutorial

ASP.NET is a development framework used to build Web pages and Web site through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripts.

Open ASP.NET supports three modes:

Web Pages, MVC (Model View Controller) and Web Forms:

This tutorial MVC.

Web Pages MVC Web Forms

MVC programming model

ASP.NET MVC is one of the three development model.

MVC is a framework for building web applications using MVC (Model View Controller) design:

  • Model (Model) represents the core of the application (such as a database record list)
  • View (view) of the data (database records) are displayed
  • Controller (Controller) processing the input (into the database record)

MVC model while providing complete control over the HTML, CSS and JavaScript's.

MVC model to define web applications by three logical layers:

  • business layer (business layer, logic model)
  • display layer (display layer, logical view)
  • input control (input control logic controller)
Model (Model)

Model (Model) is part of the application for processing the application data logic.

Typically the object model to access data in the database.

View (View)

View (view) is part of the application process data displayed.

Usually create a view from the model data.


The controller is part of the application process user interaction.

Typically controller reads the data from the view, the user input control and to transmit the data model.

MVC This resolution will help us manage complex applications, because you can focus on one aspect at a time. For example, you can in the case does not depend on the view of the business logic design. At the same time of the application design is also easier.

MVC This resolution also simplifies the development group. Different developers can develop simultaneously view, controller logic and business logic.

Web Forms vs MVC

MVC programming model is compared to more lightweight alternatives to traditional ASP.NET (Web Forms). It is highly tested framework of lightweight, while integrating all existing ASP.NET features, such as page templates, security and authentication.

Visual Studio Express 2012/2010

Visual Studio Express is a free version of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Express is MVC (and Web Forms) tailored development tools.

Visual Studio Express comprises:

  • MVC and Web Forms
  • Drag and drop web controls and web components
  • web server language (Razor using VB and C #)
  • the web server (IIS Express)
  • The database server (SQL Server Compact)
  • A complete web development framework (ASP.NET)

If you have installed Visual Studio Express, the tutorial that you will get more benefits.

If you want to install Visual Studio Express, click the link below:

The Web Developer 2012 the Visual (the Windows. 7 or Windows 8)

The Web Developer 2010 the Visual (the Windows Vista or XP)

After the first installation of Visual Studio Express, which will run the installer again to install patches and service packs. Please click on the link again.

ASP.NET MVC Reference Manual

At the end of this tutorial, we provide a complete ASP.NET MVC Reference Manual .