CSS Reference

w3my of CSS reference manual on a regular basis by all major browsers for testing.

CSS properties

CSS Property Group:

"CSS" column indicates that the property is defined in which CSS version (CSS1, CSS2 or CSS3) in.

CSS3 animation properties (Animation)

Attributes description CSS
@keyframes Provisions animation. 3
animation Shorthand property for all the animation properties, in addition to animation-play-state property. 3
animation-name Specifies the name @keyframes animation. 3
animation-duration Provisions animation takes to complete a cycle of seconds or milliseconds. 3
animation-timing-function A predetermined speed of the animation curve. 3
animation-delay When a predetermined animation starts. 3
animation-iteration-count Predetermined number of times the animation is played. 3
animation-direction Whether the provisions of the animation to play in reverse to the next cycle. 3
animation-play-state Whether the provisions of the animation is running or paused. 3
animation-fill-mode Predetermined state animated objects outside time. 3

CSS background properties (Background)

Attributes description CSS
background Setting all background properties in one declaration. 1
background-attachment Set the background image is fixed or scrolling with the rest of the page. 1
background-color Set the background color of the element. 1
background-image Set the background image elements. 1
background-position Set the start position of the background image. 1
background-repeat Set whether and how to repeat a background image. 1
background-clip Provisions of the drawing area background. 3
background-origin Predetermined background image positioning region. 3
background-size Background image of a predetermined size. 3

CSS border properties (Border and Outline)

Attributes description CSS
border Set all the border properties in one declaration. 1
border-bottom Set all the bottom border properties in one declaration. 1
border-bottom-color Set the color of the bottom border. 2
border-bottom-style Setting border style. 2
border-bottom-width Set the width of the bottom border. 1
border-color Set the color of the four borders. 1
border-left Set all the left border properties in one declaration. 1
border-left-color Set the color of the left border. 2
border-left-style Set left border style. 2
border-left-width Set the width of the left border. 1
border-right Set all the right border properties in one declaration. 1
border-right-color Set the color of the right border. 2
border-right-style Sets the right frame styles. 2
border-right-width Set the width of the right border. 1
border-style Set up four border style. 1
border-top Set all the border properties in one declaration. 1
border-top-color Setting the border color. 2
border-top-style Setting the border style. 2
border-top-width Setting the width of the border. 1
border-width Set the width of the four borders. 1
outline Set all the outline properties in one declaration. 2
outline-color Set the color profile. 2
outline-style Set the outline style. 2
outline-width Set the width of the contour. 2
border-bottom-left-radius The shape of the lower left corner of the definition of the border. 3
border-bottom-right-radius Defining the shape of the bottom right corner of the border. 3
border-image Shorthand property, set all the border-image- * properties. 3
border-image-outset Border region beyond a predetermined amount of the image border. 3
border-image-repeat Whether the image should be tiled frame (repeated), covered (rounded) or stretched (stretched). 3
border-image-slice Inwardly offset predetermined image border. 3
border-image-source Provisions used as a border image. 3
border-image-width Predetermined width of the image border. 3
border-radius Shorthand property to set all four border - * - radius properties. 3
border-top-left-radius Defining the shape of the upper left corner of the border. 3
border-top-right-radius Defining the shape of the bottom right corner of the border. 3
box-decoration-break 3
box-shadow Add one or more shadows to block. 3

Box Properties

Attributes description CSS
overflow-x If the content overflows an element's content area, whether the contents of the left / right edges cropped. 3
overflow-y If the content overflows an element's content area, whether the contents of the upper / lower edge of the crop. 3
overflow-style The preferred method for scrolling a predetermined overflow elements. 3
rotation Surrounded by the rotation-point property defines the point of rotation of the elements. 3
rotation-point Defined as the distance on the left edge of the frame offset point. 3

Color Property

Attributes description CSS
color-profile The default specification allows the use of sources other than the color profiles. 3
opacity Predetermined level bookmarks. 3
rendering-intent It allows the use of a color profile rendering intent other than the default specification. 3

Content for Paged Media Properties

Attributes description CSS
bookmark-label Bookmark predetermined mark. 3
bookmark-level Predetermined level bookmarks. 3
bookmark-target Defined objectives bookmark links. 3
float-offset The elements in the opposite direction float property is usually placed in position. 3
hyphenate-after Even predetermined minimum number of characters after the hyphen in the word word. 3
hyphenate-before Even predetermined minimum number of characters before the hyphen character word. 3
hyphenate-character When specified string occurs hyphenation displayed. 3
hyphenate-lines The maximum number of consecutive hyphenated indication element connection. 3
hyphenate-resource Provision of external resources to help the browser determine hyphenation points (comma separated list). 3
hyphens How to set the word split, in order to improve the layout of paragraphs. 3
image-resolution Correct predetermined image resolution. 3
marks Add crop marks or cross marks to the document. 3
string-set 3

CSS dimension properties (Dimension)

Attributes description CSS
height The element height. 1
max-height Sets the maximum height of the element. 2
max-width Sets the maximum width of an element. 2
min-height Set the minimum height of the element. 2
min-width Sets the minimum width of an element. 2
width Set the width of the element. 1

Scalable Box Properties (Flexible Box)

Attributes description CSS
box-align How to align the provisions of sub-elements boxes. 3
box-direction Display direction specified child elements of the box. 3
box-flex Whether the child element specified box scalable. 3
box-flex-group Assign scalable elements to the flexible grouping. 3
box-lines When the parent element exceeds a predetermined space frame, whether to change lines. 3
box-ordinal-group The display order of child elements specified box. 3
box-orient Whether the child element specifies the frame should be arranged horizontally or vertically. 3
box-pack Horizontal Position box predetermined level or vertical position of the vertical box. 3

CSS font properties (Font)

Attributes description CSS
font Set all font attributes in a statement. 1
font-family The provisions of the text font family. 1
font-size The provisions of the text font size. 1
font-size-adjust The elements aspect predetermined value. 2
font-stretch Shrink or stretch the current font family. 2
font-style The provisions of the text font style. 1
font-variant Specifies whether to display small-caps font text. 1
font-weight Prescribed font weight. 1

Content generation (Generated Content)

Attributes description CSS
content With: before and: after pseudo-element used in conjunction to insert generated content. 2
counter-increment Or more increment or decrement a counter. 2
counter-reset Create or reset one or more counters. 2
quotes Set of nested quotes referenced type. 2
crop Allow only element to be replaced is a rectangular area of ​​the object, rather than the entire object. 3
move-to Remove elements from the stream, and then re-insert the document later point. 3
page-policy Identify the elements used in counter or string value based on occurrence of the page. 3

Grid Properties

Attributes description CSS
grid-columns Provisions of the grid width of each column. 3
grid-rows Predetermined height of each column in the grid. 3

CSS List Properties (List)

Attributes description CSS
list-style Set up a list of all the properties in a statement. 1
list-style-image The image is set to the list item marker. 1
list-style-position Set list item marker placement. 1
list-style-type Set the type of list item marker. 1
marker-offset 2

CSS margin property (Margin)

Attributes description CSS
margin Set all margin properties in one declaration. 1
margin-bottom Setting outside of an element. 1
margin-left The element in the left margin. 1
margin-right The element of the right margin. 1
margin-top Element is set on the margin. 1

Marquee Properties

Attributes description CSS
marquee-direction Setting the direction of mobile content. 3
marquee-play-count Setting contents move many times. 3
marquee-speed Setting content scroll much faster. 3
marquee-style Set the style mobile content. 3

Multi-column properties (Multi-column)

Attributes description CSS
column-count The number of columns specified elements should be separated. 3
column-fill Provisions of how to fill columns. 3
column-gap Predetermined spacing between columns. 3
column-rule Set all column-rule- * properties shorthand property. 3
column-rule-color Predetermined color rules between columns. 3
column-rule-style Predetermined style rules between columns. 3
column-rule-width Rule predetermined width between columns. 3
column-span Should the number of columns specified element spanned. 3
column-width A predetermined width of the column. 3
columns Provisions set shorthand property column-width and column-count is. 3

Margin properties within CSS (Padding)

Attributes description CSS
padding Set all padding properties in one declaration. 1
padding-bottom Elements in the inner margin settings. 1
padding-left Margins within the element left. 1
padding-right Elements within the right margin settings. 1
padding-top Elements on the inner margin settings. 1

Paged Media Properties

Attributes description CSS
fit Schematically how width and height properties are not being replaced elements auto zoom. 3
fit-position Alignment box to define objects. 3
image-orientation Provisions of the user agent is applied to the image clockwise rotation. 3
page Predetermined elements that should be displayed in the pages of a specific type. 3
size Page contains a predetermined size and direction of the frame. 3

CSS positioning properties (Positioning)

Attributes description CSS
bottom Offset block at the border between the bottom margin settings to position elements comprising its border. 2
clear Which side of the predetermined element other floating elements are not allowed. 1
clip Cut absolutely positioned elements. 2
cursor Type (shape) provides for the display of the cursor. 2
display It specifies the type of element to be generated box. 1
float Are the provisions of box should float. 1
left Setting targeting elements comprising its border left margin offset between the left edge of the block. 2
overflow When the content of the provisions of what happens when an overflow element's box. 2
position Provisions targeting type elements. 2
right Setting the right margin positioning elements containing an offset block border and its right border between. 2
top Setting positioning elements on the border and its margin including the offset block boundaries. 2
vertical-align Set the vertical alignment of the elements. 1
visibility Predetermined element is visible. 2
z-index Set the stacking order of elements. 2

CSS Print Properties (Print)

Attributes description CSS
orphans When setting the minimum number of lines must be retained at the bottom of the page when paging occurs internal elements. 2
page-break-after Settings tab after behavioral elements. 2
page-break-before Settings tab behavioral elements before. 2
page-break-inside The element inside the paging behavior. 2
widows When setting the minimum number of lines must be retained at the top of the page internal elements occur tab. 2

CSS Table Properties (Table)

Attributes description CSS
border-collapse Specifies whether the table border merger. 2
border-spacing The distance between the cell borders provisions adjacent. 2
caption-side Prescribed form of the title position. 2
empty-cells Specifies whether to display the table border and background on empty cells. 2
table-layout Setting layout algorithm for tables. 2

CSS text properties (Text)

Attributes description CSS
color Sets the color of the text. 1
direction Text predetermined direction / writing direction. 2
letter-spacing Set the character spacing. 1
line-height Setting high line. 1
text-align The horizontal alignment of the provisions of the text. 1
text-decoration Provision added to the text of the decorative effect. 1
text-indent The provisions of the text block indent the first line. 1
text-shadow Add shadow effect to the provisions of the text. 2
text-transform Control the case of text. 1
unicode-bidi Setting text orientation. 2
white-space How to deal with the elements specified in the blank. 1
word-spacing Set word spacing. 1
hanging-punctuation Provisions punctuation character is located outside the frame. 3
punctuation-trim Whether the provisions of the punctuation characters pruning. 3
text-align-last Setting how to align the last line or immediately before the line to force a line break. 3
text-emphasis Key elements of the application to a text tag and key tag foreground. 3
text-justify When a predetermined alignment method when text-align is set to "justify" use. 3
text-outline Specification of the contour of the text. 3
text-overflow Provisions when things happen when text overflows the containing element. 3
text-shadow Add a shadow to the text. 3
text-wrap Provisions of rule wrap text. 3
word-break CJK text of the provisions of the non-line-breaking rules. 3
word-wrap It allows long divided and indivisible word wrap to the next line. 3

2D / 3D transform properties (Transform)

Attributes description CSS
transform Applied to the element 2D or 3D conversion. 3
transform-origin It allows you to change the position of the element to be converted. 3
transform-style Provision was how nested elements are displayed in 3D space. 3
perspective Provisions 3D perspective effect element. 3
perspective-origin A predetermined position of the bottom of the 3D element. 3
backface-visibility Define the elements when not in the face of the screen is visible. 3

Transitive attributes (Transition)

Attributes description CSS
transition Shorthand property for setting four transition properties in one property. 3
transition-property The name of the CSS property transition provisions apply. 3
transition-duration To define the transition effect time spent. 3
transition-timing-function Predetermined transition effect time curve. 3
transition-delay Provisions when to start the transition effect. 3

User Interface Properties (User-interface)

Attributes description CSS
appearance Element allows you to set a standard user interface elements look 3
box-sizing It allows you to define the exact contents of a specific area of ​​adaptation. 3
icon For the creators to use icon-based equivalent to the ability to set the style element. 3
nav-down Requiring that in using arrow-down navigation keys to navigate to where. 3
nav-index The element of the tab order. 3
nav-left Requiring that in using arrow-left navigation key where to navigate. 3
nav-right Requiring that in using arrow-right navigation keys where to navigate. 3
nav-up Requiring that in using arrow-up navigation keys where to navigate. 3
outline-offset Contour offset, and draw the profile beyond the edge of the border. 3
resize Users can specify whether to adjust the size of the element. 3