E4X Tutorial

E4X is a new extension to the JavaScript.

E4X JavaScript to add direct support for XML.

E4X is an official JavaScript standard.

You should prior knowledge:

Before learning new content, you should have a basic knowledge of the following understanding.

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • XML

If you are interested in learning first of these projects, you can at home to find tutorials on these projects.

JavaScript = ECMAScript

ECMAScript is JavaScript's official name.

ECMAScript is equivalent to JavaScript.

ECMA (European Computer Industry Association) is the JavaScript Organization for Standardization.

E4X = JavaScript for XML

E4X meaning "support for XML ECMAScript" (ECMAScript For XML). It is a standard extension to ECMAScript.

Thus, in real life, E4X mean "XML support JavaScript" (JavaScript for XML).

XML as JavaScript objects

E4X is an official JavaScript standard adds support for XML.

By E4X, you can declare the date as the original array or object variable way to declare an XML object variable

var x = new XML()

var y = new Date()

var z = new Array()

E4X makes creating very easy for XML JavaScript.

In the next chapter, we will provide you with some examples.

E4X is a standard WEB

ECMA-262 (JavaScript 1.3) in November 1999 was established as the standard.

E4X is to add direct support for XML extends the JavaScript.

ECMA-357 (E4X) in June 2004 was established as the standard.

ECMA International

ECMA International was established in 1961.

ECMA organization dedicated to information and communication technology (ICT) and Consumer Electronics (CE) standardization work.

ECMA has established the following criteria

  • JavaScript
  • C # Language (C # language)
  • International Character Sets (international character sets)
  • Optical Disks (CD)
  • Magnetic Tapes (tape)
  • Data Compression (data compression)
  • Data Communication (Data Communications)
  • other