Web Services tutorial series

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Web Services

Web Services applications can be converted into network applications.

Web Services can be used by other applications.

Basic Web Services platform is XML + HTTP.

In this tutorial, we have a program to convert to ASP.NET Web Services. Services start learning the Web !


WSDL (Web Services Description Language, Web Services Description Language) is an XML-based language for describing Web Services and how to access them.

Start learning the WSDL !


SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol that allows applications to exchange information over HTTP.

In our SOAP tutorial, you will learn what SOAP is, and how it is to exchange information between applications.

Start learning the SOAP !


By using RSS, you can choose to navigate your interest and your work-related news.

By using RSS, you can put the required information is separated from the unwanted messages (spamming, junk mail, etc.) out.

By using RSS, you can create your own news channel, and publish it to the Internet.

Start learning RSS !


Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a description of the resources of the network W3C standards.

RDF is a framework for describing network resources, such as the page title, author, date modified, content, and copyright information.

He began studying the RDF !