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W3C glossary entry beginning with the letter A

English entry Simplified Chinese translation
abstract module Abstraction module
access access
access control Access control
access control information Access control information
access mechanism Access mechanism
access rights access permission
accessibility Accessibility
accessibility information Accessibility information
accessibility problem Accessibility issues
accessible Accessible (accessibility)
accessible authoring practice Accessible writing practice
acquired infoset Have access to information collection
ACSS (Audio cascading style sheets) Audio Cascading Style Sheets
activate Activate (enable)
active grammar The syntax is being used
active perceivable unit Use of visual elements
activity activity
actor Character
adaptation adapt
adaptation preferences Adaptation parameter selection
additional characters Additional character
advisory board Advisory board
advisory committee The Advisory Committee
age life
agent proxy
aggregated authored units Integrated creation unit
aggregation integrated
alert caveat
alpha alpha
alpha compaction alpha compression
alpha separation alpha separation
alpha table alpha table
alternative information Alternative Information
amaya amaya
ancestor ancestor
anchor anchor
ancillary chunk Additional data block
animation Animation
annotation Note
anonymity Anonymity
antecedent premise
apache apache
applet applet (applet)
application Application, the
application personalization Application Personalization

application programming interface (API),

conventional input / output / device API

Application programming interface,

General input / output / device API

arc arc
architecture Architecture
argument parameter
artifact Artifacts, artifacts
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition
assertion assertion
assistive technology Assistive Technology
asynchronous Asynchronous
asynchronous exchange Asynchronous switching
at user option User-selectable
atomic atomic
atomic test Atomic Testing
attribute Attributes
attribute name Property name
attribute specifications Property Specification
attribute value Property Value
attribute, or CC / PP attribute CC / PP attribute
attribute-list declarations Attribute list declaration
audio Audio frequency
audio description Audio description
audio track Tracks
audio-only presentation Pure audio presentation
audit guard Audit Protection Mechanism
auditory description Auditory description
authentication Authentication
author Author
author styles On Style
authored unit Creation unit
authoring creation
authoring tool Authoring Tools
authorization Authorize
axis axis