RDF Tutorial

Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a description of the resources of the network W3C standards.

RDF is a framework for describing network resources, such as the page title, author, date modified, content, and copyright information.

He began studying the RDF !

Table of Contents

Introduction to RDF
This chapter explains the concept and role of RDF.
RDF rules
This chapter describes the syntax and terminology to be used in RDF.
RDF instance
This chapter explains an RDF instance.
RDF element
This chapter explains the main elements of RDF: <RDF> and <Description>.
RDF containers
RDF containers are used to describe groups of things. This chapter explains RDF container element: <Bag>, <Seq> and <Alt>.
RDF collections
RDF is used to describe a collection of groups containing only the specified members. This chapter explains how to describe the collection.
RDF Schema
This chapter explains RDF Schema for RDF extensions.
RDF Dublin Core
This chapter on DCMI, DCMI provides a description of the network object properties.
This chapter describes the OWL builds on RDF language.
RDF Reference Manual
This chapter contains a complete RDF reference manual.