Semantic Web

Semantic Web = meaningful network.

"If HTML and WEB entire document becomes a huge book, so RDF, schema, and inference languages will make all the data world into a huge database."

--- Tim Berners-Lee, Weaving the Web, 1999

What is the Semantic Web?

semantic (semantic) This term refers to interesting or associated.

Semantic Web is a network uses to describe things that can be understood by a computer method.

  • The Beatles are famous band from Liverpool.
  • John Lennon was a member of the Beatles.
  • Record "Hey Jude" by the Beatles recorded.

Such as this sentence can be understood in humans. But how can it be understood that computer?

Statements by grammatical rules built. The syntax of a language defines the presentation rules required to build the language.

This is where the essence of the Semantic Web - to computer applications can understand the way to describe things.

Semantic Web pages and links between does not matter.

Semantic Web describes the relationships between things (say A is part of B, and Y is a member of Z) and the properties of things (such as size, weight, duration and prices, etc.).

Resource Description Framework

RDF (Resource Description Framework, Resource Description Framework) is a markup language used to describe the network of information and resources.

As the information into RDF file, in this case, the information is likely to be a computer program ( "web spiders") from the search network, found that intake, screening, analysis and processing.

Semantic Web using RDF to describe web resources.

If you want to learn more knowledge about RDF, please read our " RDF Tutorial "

How to use the semantic web?

If about music, cars, tickets (or anything else) the information is stored in the RDF file, the application will be intelligent network information from different sources uptake and integration, then a meaningful way to submit information to users.

Similar to the following information:

  • Different dealers car prices
  • Drug Information
  • Flight Schedules
  • Industrial spare parts
  • Books information (price, number of pages, editor, year)
  • Some who
  • Date of event
  • Software update

Semantic Web technology easier to understand it?

The Semantic Web is not a rapidly developing technology.

Its learning curve is one of the reasons. RDF was developed by people who have the logic and artificial intelligence of the academic background of the up. For general for developers, it is not particularly easy to understand.

RSS is a language used to construct the rapid development of the Semantic Web applications. If you want to learn more knowledge of RSS, please read our " RSS tutorials ."

In the following tutorial, we will focus on the use of RDF to discover the potential of the Semantic Web lies.

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