HTML Reference

In alphabetical order

New: HTML5 new tags.

label description
<! --...--> Define a comment.
<! DOCTYPE> Custom document type.
<a> Defined anchor.
<abbr> Defined abbreviations.
<acronym> Just take the definition of the acronym.
<address> Defines the document author or owner's contact information.
<applet> Deprecated. The definition of an embedded applet.
<area> Define the image map area inside.
<article> Definitions article.
<aside> Define the content of the page content beyond.
<audio> Custom sound content.
<b> The definition in bold.
<base> Define the default address for all links page or the default target.
<basefont> Deprecated. The default font definition of the Chinese page, the color or size.
<bdi> Text direction is defined text out of its surrounding text direction.
<bdo> Define the text direction.
<big> Define large text.
<blockquote> The definition of a long quotation.
<body> Defined body of the document.
<br> Define a simple wrap.
<button> Custom button (push button).
<canvas> Custom graphics.
<caption> Defines a table caption.
<center> Deprecated. Defined centered text.
<cite> Define a reference (citation).
<code> Definition of computer code text.
<col> Define one or more columns in a table of property values.
<colgroup> The definition of a table for formatting column group.
<command> Custom command button.
<datalist> Define the drop-down list.
<dd> Description Definitions items in the list.
<del> Definition is deleted text.
<details> Define the details of the element.
<dir> Deprecated. Defining a directory listing.
<div> Define the document section.
<dfn> Definitions projects.
<dialog> Customize dialog box or window.
<dl> Definitions list.
<dt> Definitions item in the list.
<em> Definition emphasizes text.
<embed> Define the external interactive content or plugin.
<fieldset> Defined border around the form elements.
<figcaption> Custom title figure elements.
<figure> Defined group of media content, as well as their titles.
<font> Deprecated. Defined text font, size and color.
<footer> Defined section or page footer.
<form> Definitions for user input HTML form.
<frame> Window or frame to define frame set.
<frameset> Definition Framework sets.
<h1> to <h6> Custom HTML title.
<head> Definition information about the document.
<header> Defined section or page header.
<hr> Defined horizon.
<html> Custom HTML document.
<i> Define italics.
<iframe> Defined inline frames.
<img> Custom image.
<input> Define input controls.
<ins> Definitions are inserted in the text.
<Isindex> Deprecated. The definition of a searchable index related to the document.
<kbd> Customize Keyboard text.
<keygen> Custom Build key.
<label> Annotations to define input elements.
<legend> Defined fieldset element title.
<li> Project definition list.
<link> Definition document relationships with external resources.
<map> Define the image map.
<mark> Definition mark text.
<menu> Defined list or menu commands.
<menuitem> Users can define the command from the pop-up menu call / menu item.
<meta> The definition of meta-information about the HTML document.
<meter> Defined measure within a predefined range.
<nav> Define navigation links.
<noframes> Define alternate content for users who do not support frames.
<noscript> Define alternate content that do not support client-side scripting users.
<object> Defines an embedded object.
<ol> Defines an ordered list.
<optgroup> Define the selection list in combination with options.
<option> Define the selection list option.
<output> Some type definition output.
<p> Defined paragraphs.
<param> Parameter defines the object.
<pre> Definition of preformatted text.
<progress> Defined schedule any type of task.
<q> The definition of a short quotation.
<rp> If the definition of the browser to display the contents of ruby ​​elements are not supported.
<rt> Definition of ruby ​​annotation explanation.
<ruby> Definition of ruby ​​annotation.
<s> Deprecated. Strikethrough text of the definition.
<samp> Definition of computer code samples.
<script> Define client-side script.
<section> Definitions section.
<select> Define the selection list (drop-down list).
<small> The definition of small text.
<source> The definition of media sources.
<span> Define the document section.
<strike> Deprecated. Define strikethrough text.
<strong> Definition emphasizes text.
<style> Style information defined document.
<sub> Definition subscript text.
<summary> Visible titled <details> element definitions.
<sup> Definition of superscript text.
<table> Defines a table.
<tbody> Defines a table body content.
<td> The definition of a table cell.
<textarea> The definition of a multi-line text input control.
<tfoot> Note the definition of table table contents (footnote).
<th> The definition of the table header cell.
<thead> The definition of the table header content.
<time> Define the date / time.
<title> The definition of the title of the document.
<tr> Define table rows.
<track> The definition used in the media player in the text track.
<tt> Defines teletype text.
<u> Deprecated. Define the underlined text.
<ul> Defines an unordered list.
<var> Variable part of the definition of the text.
<video> Custom video.
<wbr> Custom video.
<Xmp> Deprecated. Definition of preformatted text.