HTML <bdi> tag


The username isolated from the surrounding text direction settings:

<li>Username <bdi>Bill</bdi>:80 points</li>
<li>Username <bdi>Steve</bdi>: 78 points</li>

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Browser Support

IE Firefox Chrome Safari Opera

At present, only Firefox and Chrome supports <bdi> tag.

Definition and Usage

bdi refers bidi isolation.

<Bdi> tag allows you to set a piece of text, text direction away from the parent element settings.

When publishing user comments or other content that you can not fully control, the label is useful.

HTML 4.01 and HTML 5 differences between

<Bdi> tag is new in HTML5 tags.


Attributes value description
  • ltr
  • rtl
  • auto
Optional. Text predetermined direction <bdi> element within the text. Default: auto.

Global Properties

<bdi> tag supports HTML in the global properties .

Event Properties

<bdi> tag supports HTML in the event properties .