HTML <br> tag

Examples TIY

This example demonstrates how to insert a line break in the document.

Browser Support

IE Firefox Chrome Safari Opera

All browsers support <br> label.

Definition and Usage

<br> can insert a simple line breaks.

<br> tag is an empty tag (meaning it has no closing tag, so this is wrong: <br> </ br>). In XHTML, the tag end tag at the beginning, that is <br />.

Please note, <br> tag simply start a new line, and when the browser encounters a <p> tag , the usually insert some vertical spacing between adjacent paragraphs.

clear property

If you want the text to flow inline tables or images continue to the next line of output, use the clear property, which has three optional values: left, right, or all, each value represents a boundary or both sides of the border.

For more information about clear property <br> tag information.

Differences between HTML and XHTML

In HTML, <br> Tags no end tag.

In XHTML, <br> tag must be properly closed, like this: <br />.

Tips and Notes:

NOTE: Use <br> to enter a blank line, not split paragraph.

Global Properties

<br> tag supports HTML in the global properties .

Event Properties

<br> tag supports HTML in the event properties .