WML Reference Manual

WAP protocol for wireless clients (such as mobile phones) on the display of Internet content.

Deck / Card element

Start tag effect WML
<access> Deck definition information about access control. 1.1
<card> The definition of a deck of card. 1.1
<head> It contains information about the document. 1.1
<meta> The definition of meta-information about the document. 1.1
<template> The card deck all custom code templates. 1.1
<wml> Defined WML deck (WML root) 1.1
<-!> Define a comment. 1.1

Text elements

Start tag effect WML
<br> Define a newline. 1.1
<p> Define a paragraph. 1.1
<table> Defines a table. 1.1
<td> Define a table cell (tabular data). 1.1
<tr> Defines a table row. 1.1

Text formatting tags

Start tag effect WML
<b> Definition of bold text. 1.1
<big> Large text of the definition. 1.1
<em> Definition is focused on the text. 1.1
<i> Defined text in italics. 1.1
<small> Defined text trumpet. 1.1
<strong> Definition emphasizes text. 1.1
<u> Define the underlined text. 1.1

Anchor element

Start tag effect WML
<a> Define an anchor (link). 1.1
<anchor> Define an anchor (link). 1.1

Picture element

Start tag effect WML
<img> Custom image. 1.1

Event element

Start tag effect WML
<do> A word or phrase on the screen to activate a user clicks on a task. 1.1
<onevent> It contains the code when certain events occur executed. 1.1
<postfield> It included together with <go> tag is sent to the server. 1.1

Task element

Start tag effect WML
<go> Jump to a new card represents action. 1.1
<noop> He said they did not carry out any operation (noop refers to the "no operation"). 1.1
<prev> It represents a return to the previous visited cards. 1.1
<refresh> Refreshes the specified card variables. If there is a variable on the screen, this task also refreshes the screen. 1.1

Input element

Start tag effect WML
<fieldset> For card related elements are grouped. 1.1
<input> Define the input field (text field in which users can enter text). 1.1
<optgroup> Defines an optional list a set of options. 1.1
<option> Defined list of options to choose from. 1.1
<select> Defines an optional list. 1.1

Variable element

Start tag effect WML
<setvar> In the <go>, <prev> or <refresh> task in the variable is set to the specified value. 1.1
<timer> Definitions card timer. 1.1