XHTML Tutorial

XHTML Tutorial

XHTML is stricter and more pure HTML version.

In this tutorial, we will explain to you the difference between HTML and XHTML, but also to show you the site upgrade to XHTML approach.

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XHTML Reference Manual

Our XHTML XHTML Reference Manual is a list of labels in alphabetical order, with which a considerable number of examples and comments.

XHTML 1.0 Reference Manual

Table of contents

XHTML Introduction
This section of the XHTML briefly describes and explains the concept of XHTML.
XHTML - Why?
This chapter explains why we so need a language such as XHTML.
Differences between HTML and XHTML
This chapter explains the main differences between HTML and XHTML at the syntax.
XHTML syntax
This chapter describes the basic syntax of XHTML.
This chapter explains three different XHTML document type definitions.
Explain how the site is converted from HTML to XHTML's.
XHTML validation
This chapter explains how to validate XHTML documents.
XHTML module
This chapter explains XHTML modularization.
XHTML summary
The contents of this chapter include: one that you have learned in this tutorial content summary, and we recommend that you should continue to the next step in learning.
XHTML Reference Manual
Our complete "XHTML1.0 Reference Manual" is a XHTML tag list in alphabetical order, in which with a considerable number of examples and comments.
XHTML 1.0 standard attributes
All tags have attributes. XHTML1.0 standard properties listed here refers to the core attributes and properties of all language tag (a small number of exceptions), the description of these properties, and a list of possible values ​​for each property.
XHTML 1.0 Event Properties
All standard label event properties. These properties are described and a list of possible values ​​for each property.