XML Tutorial

It refers to Extensible Markup Language XML

XML is designed to transmit and store data.

In our XML tutorial, you will learn what is XML, and the difference between XML and HTML.

XML is very important, and very easy to learn.

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Table of Contents

XML foundation

Introduction to XML
What is XML, and how it differs from HTML.
How to use XML
Different XML use.
XML tree structure
XML documents on how to form a logical tree structure.
XML Syntax
Logical and very simple XML syntax rules.
XML elements
XML element content and naming rules, the relationship between the Father and the Son elements.
XML attribute
How to use XML attributes provide additional information about elements.
XML validation
Good documentation in the form of difference between documents and legal, as well as how to provide the structure of XML documents.
XML Validator
Simple XML grammar checker online.
XML Browser Support
The most commonly used browser XML support
View XML in browser
How your browser to view the XML file.
Use CSS to display XML
How to use CSS to display an XML file.
Use XSL to display XML
How to use XSL to display an XML file.

XML JavaScript

XML parser
How to use the browser to read, update, create and manipulate XML documents.
About XML Document Object Model (DOM).
How to display XML data in an HTML document.
XMLHttpRequest Object
How without reloading the page using data from the server to update the page.
XML Applications
How to use XML data and JavaScript to create complex HTML applications.

Advanced XML

XML Namespaces
How to use XML namespaces to avoid element name conflicts.
How to inform the XML parser not to parse the text.
XML coding
How to use different character sets in your XML document.
XML server
How to output XML from the server.
Advanced XML DOM
More on XML document object model of knowledge.
XML Do not
This section explains in When using XML to avoid the use of technology.
To store data in an XML file
Normally, we store the data in the database. However, if we want the data easier to use, it can store data in XML files.
XML technology
The most common XML-related technologies.
Real-life XML
XML examples of how it is used in the real world.
XML Editor
When editing XML documents, why use XML editor.
XML summary
In this tutorial article includes a summary of what they learn, and we recommend to you the next step should be learning.

XML Instance / Quiz

XML instance
A lot of XML instance!
XML Quiz
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