XQuery Tutorial

The best way to explain XQuery is: XQuery with respect to XML, relative to the equivalent SQL database.

XQuery is designed to query XML data.

XQuery is also known as XML Query.

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XQuery Reference Manual

In w3my, we provide all the operators in XQuery 1.0, built-in functions, data types complete reference manual.

XQuery Reference Manual

Table of Contents

An introduction to XQuery
XQuery profile. Including its concept and function.
XQuery examples
This chapter demonstrates XQuery through an example.
This chapter explains XQuery FLWOR expression.
This chapter demonstrates how to submit FLWOR results HTML lists.
XQuery term
This chapter explains the terminology commonly used in XQuery.
XQuery syntax
This chapter describes the basic XQuery syntax rules.
XQuery results and add attributes to result
This chapter explains how to add your own elements and attributes to the result.
XQuery filter element
This chapter explains how to use FLWOR filter element.
XQuery Functions
XQuery built-in functions and operators of Subjects, and how to create user-defined functions.
XQuery summary
In this tutorial article includes a summary of what they learn, and we recommend to you the next step should be learning.

XQuery Reference Manual

XQuery Reference Manual
It contains XQuery operators, built-in functions, data types complete reference manual.