XSL-FO Reference Manual

Description will be converted to the rendering process is called formatting (formatting).

Objects description
basic-link Definition of a starting resource link
bidi-override Overrides the default Unicode BIDI direction
block Define an output block (such as paragraphs and headings)
block-container The definition of a block-level reference area (reference-area)
character Define a character that is mapped to the glyph for presentation
color-profile A color profile defined stylesheet
conditional-page-master-reference A predetermined page-master used when the condition defined by the establishment
declarations For a combination of global declaration of a stylesheet
external-graphic For a graphic image data located outside of the XML result tree
float A typical use is to place an image in a separate area of ​​the page starting position, or the picture is placed to one side, and the contents of the flow to the next picture.
flow Is output to the page that contains all the elements
footnote Define a footnote in the region-body's internal page
footnote-body Content definition footnote
initial-property-set Format <fo: block> the first line
inline By way of background or be enclosed in a border, to a certain part of the formatted text
inline-container Define a reference area (inline reference-area) within a row
instream-foreign-object For inline graphic (inline graphics) or for ordinary objects, wherein data objects as <fo: instream-foreign-object> descendants exist.
layout-master-set There are all used in the document master
leader It used to generate. "" From the table of contents page numbers to separate headings, or create a form input fields, or create horizontal lines
list-block Definition List
list-item It contains a list of every item
list-item-body Contain content or subject list items
list-item-label Contains a reference list of items (a representative data, characters, etc.)
marker And fo: retrieve-marker to use to create a contiguous range of pages or footer
multi-case XSL-FO objects contain each alternative sub-tree (in <fo: multi-switch> internal). Parent Elements <fo: multi-switch> will select the option to display and hide the rest of the options.
multi-properties It is used in two or more of the property set (property-sets) between conversion
multi-property-set A predetermined set of attributes selected for this attribute sets are to be applied according to the user agent's status.
multi-switch There are one or more <fo: multi-case> objects, and controls the switching between them (by <fo: multi-toggle> activation)
multi-toggle For switching to another <fo: multi-case>
page-number It indicates the current page
page-number-citation Page references to page numbers, this page contains the first region by the standard referenced object returned.
page-sequence A container element for the page output. In one of the <fo: page-sequence> object layout for each page.
page-sequence-master Which require the use of simple-page-master, and the use of order.
region-after Custom footer
region-before Custom Header
region-body The definition of the main page
region-end The definition of the right column of the page
region-start Left-hand column of the page defined
repeatable-page-master-alternatives A copy of the definition of a set of simple-page-master's
repeatable-page-master-reference Provision of a simple copy of the simple-page-master's
retrieve-marker And <fo: marker> used together to create a continuous header or footer
root XSL-FO document root (top) node
simple-page-master Custom page sizes and shapes
single-page-master-reference Prescribed for use in a given point of a sequence of pages
static-content On many pages contain duplicate static content (such as headers and footers)
table Formatting a table tabular material
table-and-caption Formatting a table and its title
table-body Container table rows and table cells
table-caption It contains a table heading
table-cell Defines a table cell
table-column Formatting column of the table
table-footer Defines a table footer
table-header Defines a table header
table-row Defines a table row
title Define a page with the title sequence
wrapper Inherited properties for a group of objects specified XSL-FO